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Hi Dr. Tai and Team,

I want to personally thank you for the above-and-beyond efforts by Dr. Tai, Penelope and everyone in the office. I truly believe that the level of professionalism and competence is unmatched. The sincerity and true passion and concern for me - and I assume all patients - really sets you apart from any of the dozen or so dental offices I’ve worked with throughout my many dental challenges.

Thank you once again!


Seeing progress like this is really exciting for me!
I sincerely appreciate the wonderful care you have shown me the past 10-ish years!

Enjoy your evening!

Dr. Tai is awesome! If you need a periodontist in San Ramon you should definitely go to her. She is extremely professional, knows what she is doing, does it well, and she is very personable. She makes you feel comfortable and welcome. If I ever have a periodontal issue I never hesitate to see Dr. Tai

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Good Morning Dr. Tai,

Thank you so much for taking care of my periodontal needs. You and your staff were wonderful to work with.
I will refer my friends and family your way for all of their periodontal issues.

Best always,


Thank you so much for sending me the photos from all of my grafts. It's amazing to see the change between the "before" and "after" shots. I forgot how little coverage I had before. All I see now are beautiful gums, thanks to your amazing work. Dr. Burkman told me that your work is the best and I'm proof that he is right!

Thank you again for all your hard work and talent! See you on Friday!

Nichole D.

Beautiful work. When patients have questions about your work – I let them you are the BEST!!!
Thanks so much,

Wow! Thanks for sharing the photos with me.
What a huge difference!
Thanks for doing such a wonderful job!

Happy New Year!


Dr. Tai,
Thank you for sending my "after" portrait -- a fine photo of me! But the pre-op photo did not come through. We have a spam arrest that may have prevented it. Would you mind sending it again? Thanks so much. By the way, Dr. Goble who referred me to you was very impressed with your work. Thanks for saving my teeth.


Thanks! Quite a difference! Nice work, Dr. Tai!!

Catherine L.

Thank you so much, Dr. Tai. I shall sing your praises with better looking (and feeling!) gums.

With best regards,

Dr. Tai,

Thank you for your “gentle touch” (I mean that literally, Dr. Tai)! You made a not so pleasant procedure actually tolerable. Keep up the great patient care. Enjoy!

Charlotte G.

I want to thank you for your caring approach and the wonderful job that you did on my crown
lengthening. I was concerned about the procedure but you were skillful and did an excellent job
with minimal discomfort. Finally, the results allowed me to have my new smile.

Thank you very much,


Please tell Dr. Tai thanks for her phone call last night and for the great job she did yesterday on my smile! My teeth and gum line look great! No pain, no swelling, no issues. I feel great and really appreciate her quality work.

Steve S.

Thanks for your help in maintaining my health. You are the most professional dentist I’ve ever met, and appreciate the relationship we have had all these years.


Hi Alice,

Hope you are having a nice week. I just saw Dennis Y. for perio maintenance and his gums look fantastic! The graft you did on #28 looks like he was born with it. You are truly a gifted periodontist- I have never seen such beautiful work! Dennis was happy to hear that as well.

J. Kim

Dear Dr. Tai,
I am so glad Dr. Pang referred me to you. Seeing doctors and dentists is not the most enjoyable thing in my life; however, during my visit today, your staff and yourself made me feel comfortable which is very much appreciated. I also liked the fact that after my exam you were candid about what work had to be done and there was no pressure to get it done sooner than later as I have experienced with a specialist in the past.

At present Lisa is contacting my insurance company to see where we stand and once I hear from her, I will make contact. Once again, thank you for being nice.


Dr. Tai,
I just wanted to thank you and your staff for the excellent job you did with my daughter Erin T. I know it was difficult but thank you all for helping her (and me) get through her implant issues. She is happy!

Bob T.

Dr. Tai,

Thank you so much for taking the time to send my photos. You are such a wonderful periodontist and I'm so glad I was referred to you! I will be scheduling the next treatments soon.

Thank you,


Dr. Tai,
Just wanted to sincerely thank you for doing my CTG surgery. You are a true professional. The surgery was a breeze and the post op has been great! Can’t wait to see it! I have been impressed by your work over and over in the patients that I see and will continue to refer them to you, knowing first hand now, what a fantastic clinician and kind person you are.

Thank you so much!
Suzann C.

Thank you, so much, Dr. Tai. You are the best, and I'll miss you! I appreciate ALL your expertise in removing my Tori! You are a blessing to me, and I'm so happy to have you in my life :)
Thank you also for the dental referral. I will definitely make an appointment.
Best wishes to you always, Dr. Tai.
Kindest regards,
Brenda Moreno

I think Dr. Tai is a first rate doctor and also a super compassionate person. I met her when I needed gum loss repair, she did the surgery and did an excellent job as my gums look great now.I love her staff as well always helpful and know how to process insurance and treat you like you are their friend…not just a no name patient.About six months ago I had a mouth pain issue that in the end turned out to be not teeth related, it was a difficult process of elimination to figure it all out. Dr. Tai called me on her own to help direct me as she knew I was freaked out and she felt I was seeking the wrong help…I followed her suggestion and she was correct. I so appreciate her compassion and concern. Hard to find a doc like her.I only go to her office for cleanings now too as I feel they really get in deep and get things squeaky clean!

Hike Pups